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Seungri's the best maknae on top!


lol a lot of their info is wrong and the mc is annoying but he's number 1 so yay!
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lmao the info makes me lol; i mean... it's like... almost right but then --

and yeah, ns yoon ji is kind of annoying, ngl. but yay for baby! you deserve that shit bb
ikr. it's common knowledge that yb was the first to release a solo album and smh at them not mentioning vvip

she sounds so bored lol. he does! I can't believe he only had a week to prepare for his album. he's perfect and flawless ♥
lmao i was like uhhh they were trying to mention it with the whole composing and solo album thing but they just failed and disintegrated vvip into two false pieces of info.

i'm not actually sure about the week thing though lols i hope i didn't spread some kind of false rumor or something. i'm not sure if the fan was exaggerating and basing it off a few clips or if it was actually in the dvd. regardless, i remember he said he made like 2? 3 songs in one day (white love was one of them, i think) so i believe it &hearts fucking seungri why you gotta be all perfect like that
smh arirang. don't half-ass your shit.

didn't he mention in an interview that yg told him a week before that he would have a mini-album? I remember I read it somewhere. white love is the best song off the album and I love love love that he's the one who composed and wrote it. I hope he releases another album in the future, one that actually gets promoted well.
lmao no one really watches it anyways so i can't really blame them i guess, only fans of whoever they're talking about watches the particular segments

hmm, well in his written interviews he only mentioned that wcid was first and then the album happened after yg heard it, but i think in took or some other video he said he made the songs in a week. officially he was supposed to be given one month, but maybe the one month was like, + preparation time for choreography. TALKING ABOUT CHOREOGRAPHY i heard that the dvd has part of the making of the choreography or something sigh i want to see
even then, they should verify their facts. I'm still judging them for the fat-shaming video they did.

what I find weird is that yg changed the digital single to a mini-album two or three days before it was supposed to release. did he only listen to the song then or what? regardless, I think it's really amazing he came up with five more good songs in such a short time. our maknae is special ♥

I wish the entire dvd gets uploaded, I can't buy it rn and I want to watch it! btw does it have english subs?
yeah, probably, or maybe he wasn't sure seungri could finish in time or do a good job of it so he held it off. or maybe he's a troll and he planned it all along. stop being a troll, yg.

lol his little snippets of the dvd of them making it... choice 37 + seungri + choi pil kang is precious. (sorry dee.p i didn't see you often enough for me to say anything about you)

i'm not sure :( actually, i don't think it does. i don't think yg expected a lot of sales and i heard it's really hard to get offline in stores etc. but maybe there will be! or if the clips finally come out hopefully people will sub it speedily. (doubtful)
lol he has so much faith in seungri. did you see the april fool's joke he did? they announced that big bang would have a world tour in the summer and even gave the dates for the cities and shit >:(. he must be really happy today.

I've seen some clips and they're all adorable. choice 37/seungri is now an otp.

the gd&top dvd has them right? I've seen gifs floating around where there are subs but idk if fans have subbed it. yg why you gotta give seungri the short end of the stick :(

lol took episode 2 hasn't been subbed so I doubt anyone will sub the dvd
wait i thought that was just a prank from bigbangupdates, not him? cause the link to happy april fools was big bang update's and they usually just hotlink it from yglife. dude i was so angry when i saw that i'm not even joking

lmao i ruin the whole idea of "one" true pair. i'm more like ofmtp now. one of many true pairs. i still lol at the fact that choice 37 seems to talk to him in english and seungri speaks korean back. it's like me and my mom

looking at mari's post YEY lmao. people please upload quickly djklfssdfsja;lk;;sfdjakl;afjkds i don't have enough clips. fucking. hell

hahaha well if there weren't official subs i'm sure there would be subs for the dvd... very eventually. ugh i'm angry at ivips right now, why there be no more seungri stans
was it? I thought it was from yg... lol

I'm the same. for me, I just ship seungri with everyone so the term otp is sort of lost. I find that so cute and I'm surprised that seungri understands really well. his accent is way better than gdybtop

dcvi are being evil! they should upload all of it instead of teasing us with small clips. I want to see my bb ;~;

there are very few seungri stans and most of us aren't very vocal so yeah. I always feel like daeri would be more popular if they were in another group but in big bang, they get overlooked.
nah, i don't think it is. maybe? lol. well whoever thought of it is evil

lol otgb one true gang bang?
same! well, though choice 37 doesn't seem to have very complicated phrases. and omg, i was going to say that! it's really a shame seungri didn't get taught english or chose to learn japanese over english or whatever because his accent is so much more.. you know, normal, and it sounds a lot like his regular voice in korean. i just piss my pants every time he uses english lmao /exaggeration. i mean... idk, i feel like everyone in yg who isn't completely fluent but sort of okay in english like gd/yb/top/cl/se7en tries way too hard to sound all ~hip hop.~ and gd/yb/top's voice do not sound good in english i'm really not gonna lie, sometimes it's cute/hot but sometimes it's just bad.

lol to be honest i think at least daesung would still be ignored, because kpop fans are shallow and idk. seungri, maybe, but then again, big bang is huge in korea so their individual popularities probably would be similar if they joined a somewhat less popular group.
of course i still think gd/top probably has more fans than seungri but i learned after browsing a million seungri sites that... god, there are so many more korean seungri stans than international ones.

it's just too bad people who may have wanted to stan him prefer other groups other than big bang so it makes it hard for them to stan him at all
idk man. I was excited for about a minute and then I realized what the date was ._.

or one true seungri gang bang otsgb? lol

I think they all know the basic english words but even then, I was surprised. I blame the hip hop, gangster aura they try to give off on teddy. he's influenced all of them too much. I've never been a fan of top's pronunciation; I usually skip over his parts in their japanese songs. yb is more fluent than the rest and his accent is adorable.

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like stupid liar very much because of gd's 'eestooped'.

I disagree. daesung's gained a lot of attention lately because of his hair change/bed scene and personally, I've always felt he pulls off the sexy look the best out of the group. in general, gd and top tend to have the most fans everywhere. seungri has the second biggest fanbase after gd in korea iirc and most of them are noona fans (which he probably loves).

with vvip and his trolling, seungri's gained more respect with international fans but most of them don't stan him. it's sad really because he's so much fun to stan.
lmao idk if it's teddy or whether just because they've been interested in that kind of stuff for a while but it's annoying sometimes. but i accept it because then i see some people trying to pronounce korean and it's a total double standard when people bash on koreans for speaking shitty english lmao. i actually don't like yb's english very much. i just... yb/cl's english sounds very similar to me, and there's just something i dislike. /shrug

lol i don't mind the pronunciation so much as the fact that if that's the chorus those lyrics ... please let the vocalists shine

But it took him this far for him to gain attention, plus he is in Big Bang. I mean, it's true that he can be "sexy" but there is no way he could have pulled that off the first couple years; he would have been buried even more and it would have taken him an even longer time to come out. I'm just thinking of all other boy groups and i'm sticking him in it and i just don't see how he would be able to have a larger fanbase. I do think that Big Bang does him the best, popularity-wise.

lmao i don't believe that though, mostly. idk, the methods of counting how many fans there are are very shaky. and seungri is probably very likely to have a lot of inactive fans or meeker fans. i mean, if he was 2nd in reality, i feel like his album sales would have been amped a little more. + the fact that the general korean population still thinks he's a douche. it's unfortunate
maybe they're influenced by american artists idk what it is. yb and cl's english is precious but to each their own I guess lol

ikr. if gd sings and raps then what the hell are the vocalists going to do? daeri need more exposure damn it!

I think one of the reasons daesung isn't extremely popular is because his talent isn't showcased properly. people are just figuring out how amazing his voice is. idk I get frustrated for him sometimes :|

I would believe it but album sales say otherwise lol. his hyungs don't help much in him getting rid of the douche image. I mean, yeah, he's bitchy at times but he's also incredibly sweet and yet everyone remembers he is ~rude~ to top and talks back to his hyungs. I wish they'd stop with the 'let's-reveal-all-of-seungri's-secrets' thing they do.
lmao probably. oh i do like it when top says motherfucker though. idk lol

gd needs to stop hogging time in the songs. seriously. although considering it was supposed to be a contender with tonight for the title track.... i realized it would be impossible for daeri to get lots of parts in this one, too.

haha unfortunately that's the life of being in a group. of course if he gets a solo album people will be able to see it clearly :) but it's kind of like.. wheesung/k.will/etc. that bunch. they all kind of remind me of daesung. they're well known but they're not like super popular, but since daesung is in big bang he still is more popular than them. so, well, i'm just waiting for his solo album to come out.

seriously. i mean i know seungri talks about them too but for the most part none of it is harmful against the other members. it's mostly just like "dating" stuff or embarrassing moments, not stuff that would ruin their image because yg would kill seungri if he did that. i do not understand.
anyways, i definitely do believe that he's more popular than taeyang, though. just because koreans tend to like people who are into variety more, and because it took taeyang so much more to have to build up his solo activities before he squeezed out moderate success with solar.
put your motherfucking hands up! I love that gd and top always swear when they go to japan. it's like they're let loose and they take advantage of it.

ia! gd needs to divide parts equally. either rap or sing, you can't do both.
/crying for daeri

didn't wheesung train daesung? and I would kill to hear a duet with k.will/daesung. I've heard a bit of his solo song and honestly, it's amazing. I'm pissed that he won't be able to release his album this year, he's been working on it for so long now. just release it already!

exactly! he never ruins their image and he doesn't make them look bad. I know they do it out of love but they take it too far and I wish they'd see that, especially gd and top.
yb would be popular if he learned to loosen up. he takes himself too seriously and becomes boring. the others need to take him out and get him drunk! the funny thing is, hot was better than solar but solar was more popular with korean people. a lot of international fans didn't like it.
lmaooo. i was surprised when they aired that part where top/teddy was saying "motherfucker" and they just censored it out on 2ne1tv. i was like lol that's allowed in Korea?

SIGH SERIOUSLY. i mean, since he makes the songs and all, it makes him seem a little selfish when he has so many parts. taeyang also usually gets an abnormal amount when there are a lot of vocals involved. i feel like TOP always gets the right amount he should get in a song... if only the same was true for daeri

yeah i think he helped out and everything. lmao i feel like there's probably a shortage of songs. but now there are new producers so he probably can? i can't wait for what's up to air, but sometimes i just wish he got a solo promotion too. or at least promote a single. i feel like yg is hesitant just because they think it might not be successful.

i also get pissed when the media nitpicks on every little thing he says and netizens criticize the shit out of him but when gdtop do something similar they're just like seen as being deep or whatever. really now. really

lol i think solar being more popular was just an accumulation of time, though, not like... people liked it more, you know? people still like "look only at me" more than his new songs, after they look back at it when he got more exposure. and yeah, ia, he takes himself too seriously. yeah, i respect that your work is serious business and all, but sometimes it's just like really? you refused to wear a wig for secret garden even after people all wore it to make you feel more comfortable and only did it after you saw everyone else was being more embarrassing? i mean, i love taeyang, but sometimes i don't think i would like him if i knew him irl.
lol teddy swore a lot during 2ne1tv but they always censored it. the funny part was when they told yb to say motherfucker and he just mumbled the words.

gdyb make up most of the songs. I don't understand why yb has to sing all of the chorus. it can be divided between the three vocalists instead of daeri singing the bridge. I feel Remember is the only album in which they all got the right amount of parts and they should stick with that format.

I think yg feels hesitant about an album if gd isn't part of it. like, he featured in I need a girl, in Open Window (for which seungri wanted psy) and then the gd&top album. I love gd but he doesn't need to be everywhere.

maybe they criticize him more because he's the maknae but he doesn't act like it? fans love him for it but he comes off as rude to others. gd is korea's sweetheart tho, he has a lot of haters but double the fans and everything he does is seen as being different or innovative. seungri doesn't really have that to fall back on :|

lol the wig thing made me facepalm. now I see why they didn't pick him to play the female lead. he needs to learn to laugh at himself and be more flexible, he's so rigid! I think if I met him irl, I'd be very frustrated by him, like when he mentioned that the others like clubbing and getting drunk but he prefers staying home and gd gets sad because of it. I mean, you can't even go partying with your best friend to make him happy?
lol yeah i guess it's okay when it's censored? i bet if a girl celeb did that they'd be criticized though lmao. yeah, i remember that... i was half amused and half annoyed

yeah i feel like yg does that a lot with big bang/2ne1. like park bom does the chorus but at least for me that makes sense? because their voices don't blend that well together but with big bang i feel like they're stronger when they do it together. yb gets really breathy and stuff sometimes and if there are 3 i feel like they can dance hard and still offset those weaknesses

lmao seriously. i actually loved gd's rap in open window but i was like lol really gd was not necessary in this album. if there was no gd i'm pretty sure it would have done pretty much the same.

lol i don't even know. i feel like it was like that at first but now that he has that rep they forget why they're nitpicking at him in the first place. although admittedly, i think gd has more people who dislikes him than he has fans. like, not antis, just people who are nonvocal about disliking him.

yeah i realized... they don't make him a lead ever because they don't want to at all, it's because he refuses to and he will be incredibly boring if he did because of his restrictions. lmao yeah... i mean if you don't want to drink then fine, but at least go out to club once in a while?
a girl gets criticized for everything.

I wish they'd let bom sing more than just the chorus. main vocal does not mean chorus only. I feel sorry for yb at times because he's the main dancer and main vocal so he has to song more while doing the harder dance moves and he goes off-pitch as a result of it. I love how different all their voices are so I like it when they harmonize and balance each other out.

yg should have more faith in his artists. having gd feature in all of their songs leads to so many stanwars and I hate it.

lol like it's become a habit? idk gd keeps saying seungri's misunderstood and stuff and I'm like I wonder why. with gd, it's difficult not to pay attention to him so generally, he's either hated or loved.

I think yb is upright and he always has to play by the book. he's made boundaries for himself and he can't break out from that. seriously, just go out and have fun, it's not that difficult
lol yeah. too bad the chorus is reprised so they have to only let her sing the chorus or it wouldn't be fair to the other members. but at least in 2ne1 their stuff is pretty evenly divided. and really? i find that taeyang's dance moves are pretty similar to what everyone else is doing. i mean, he usually... doesn't sing most of his parts because of dancing, so honestly i don't have that much sympathy towards him. though i suppose it's probably easier for daesung and seungri to sing because they have so few parts. and yeah, i like how they balance each other out. it's very nice because their voices are very different. i hate how in some groups, they all sound the same... i mean, what's the point of having so many clones in the same group?

also... what the hell is the difference between a main vocalist and a lead vocalist as well as a lead dancer and a main dancer? i always thought they were the same thing and then people said they weren't. what the fuck?!

Deleted comment

IT DOES? damn my luck for being broke at this time :'(
even the info from wikipedia is more accurate. somebody failed to do their homework...